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PIPA: About us

We are a group of international litigation lawyers and solicitors, specialized in health and medical negligences cases, in partnership with consumer associations. Led by French attorney Olivier Aumaitre, we defend the interest of thousands victims of PIP breast implants. Thanks to our actions more than 22000 women have already received interim compensation. Victims can still join our case.

Most important facts about PIP breast implants

Health Issues

PIP implants have a rupture rate 6 times higher than other brands.

PIP rupture or leakage may result in:

inflammation of the lymphatic nodes
pulmonary issues
pain (breast, joints, limbs, etc)

A comprehensive list of medical complications is still to be investigated

PIP implants must be removed

Health authorities recommend removal of PIP implants as a precautionary measure

Many victims still have PIP implants:

It is estimated that more than 50% of affected women still have PIP implants. Most of them can not afford surgery costs for removal.

All continents are affected

Victims are spread over 60 countries

Latin America and Europe have the highest number of victims. Here are the main affected countries and estimated numbers of victims

Colombia (60000), Venezuela (40000), Great-Britain (50000), France (30000), Spain (18000) Brazil (12000), Italy (10000), Mexico (10000), Argentina (12000), Australia (6000), Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland (5000), Ireland (3000), Germany (3000) Ecuador (2000), Thailand (2000), Bulgaria (2000), Holland (2000), Hungary (2000), China (1500), Iran (1500), Peru (1500), Uruguay (1000), Iceland (800), Austria (500), Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Tunisia, Panama, Costa Rica, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, South Africa, Algeria…

Compensation: how much?

Decisions taken by different courts, especially in the criminal aspect of the case, give us indications what to expect.
Victims without medical complications can expect 6 000 euro for moral damage and anxiety + the cost of implants replacement, that is to say around 9 000 euros.
Patients with common complications should obtain around 15 000-20 000 euros.
For more severe cases, we expect amounts above 35 000 euros.

Successful stories

They trust us: national consumer organisations have joined forces with PIPA:






Documents prepared. WE translate and assembles claim files for victims.

9 years


5 reasons to join our cause

To date, the civil proceedings we have initiated are the only ones that can secure compensation to PIP victims.Women who trusted PIPA have been compensated.

Make a precedent: having thousands  women suing the liable companies will change the way medical devices are certified

You deserve compensation: all PIP victims have suffered moral damages and many of them have suffered physically

We have been fighting for victims from the very beginning of the scandal and were the first to obtain compensation. No one knows better than us the judicial and medical aspects of this case.

Known as the leading lawyer, Olivier Aumaitre is the one who started the case against TUV and who, due to his judicial success, opened the way to compensation. His fight is yours.

Most Frequent Questions

To start to claim compensation you must only prove that you have been fitted with PIP implants. A copy of PIP card, a certificate from your surgeon or a surgical report are sufficient to start with.

Yes. No matter whether you had your implants removed or not, you are entitled to seek compensation.

Yes. You have at least suffered moral damage and anxiety. Complication could appear later. Whatever the level of complication you had, you can receive compensation.

We have already obtained compensation for victims from more than 15 different countries. Victims from all nationalities can join the case.

Register on our platform to get complete information. All financial conditions are explained in detail in the proposal that we will send you. Receiving our contract does not commit you in any way: you are free to accept it or not.

PIPANEWS: stay informed

News and information related to PIP case.

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