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From 2001 till 2010 French company PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) filled its breast implants with a non authorized industrial silicone.
It put at risk the health of 300000 women who were operated with these products

Severe medical complications are reported

The most frequent are:

  • Rupture of the implant (the rupture rate is 6 times higher than with other brands)
  • Leakage of the silicone into the body as the industrial gel is not cohesive enough
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes or other organs
  • Nodules in different parts of the body
  • Fatigue, dizzines, depression, etc.

National health agencies recommend immediate removal.

All patients who have or have had PIP silicone breast implants are entitled to compensation, even if they have not undergone any complication.

All kind of damages can be compensated

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical harm
  • Moral damages
  • Psychological suffering/stress
  • Aesthetic damages
  • Sexual damages

How we can help?

We can represent you in legal procedures in France. These actions have already enabled 22 000 victims to receive an interim payment by 3 000 euros (further compensation will be awarded after an expert report).

We propose you to include you in new ongoing legal lawsuits.


My most sincere congratulations (...) I believe that you amply deserve this result (i.e. TUV 2 / TUV 3 judgments in 2017). We are happy for you (...) (we are) aware of the fact that, if we had the result in 2013 (i.e.: judgment TUV 1) and now, it is largely thanks to you. Not only for having initiated but, above all, because legally I believe that without you our chances were very low, if not nil. So congratulations and thank you. This changes the lives of many people. And that includes me.

Nathalie L. Bogota

Colombia May 15, 2017

Firstly I wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank you" for taking on the PIP cases. Without your time, empathy and hard work we would be getting nothing. Kind regards

Nicola Y

October 26, 2017

Your communication is fantastic. You have been so reassuring, and given me answers that no one can truly answer, just by fighting this case for me.. Thank you so much."


Bolton, 20th April 2019

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Oliver Aumaitre is the lawyer who started all civil actions which enabled compensation. With 15,000 patients he represents the largest group of patients. He is the natural leader in the battle for justice for PIP victims.

We have a dedicated team and platform that administrate your claim, answer your questions and can help you in getting the maximum indemnification.

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